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  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas In LA! Watch our new video here.

  • Behold “the sizzler”. No, not the gourmet steak house, but almost as good. Click here #DirectHits 11.11

  • Want to hear a song from our direct hits record? Ok. Click here.



  • Happy Holidays! We're releasing our 10th Christmas song, "Dirt Sledding," on iTunes today.
  • All proceeds from "Happy Birthday Guadalupe" and all of our other Christmas songs will be donated to @RED to fight AIDS.
  • "Happy Birthday Guadalupe" is in this year's holiday movie, Christmas Eve. See it on December 4. @christmaseveMOV #ChristmasEveMovie
  • "I had this crazy dream that involved candy canes and Richard Dreyfuss. Is that weird?" #premonitiontuesday
  • Baby it's Warm Inside.. Dirt Sledding.. Heaven on a Cloud.. Pretty Girls, Christmas Lights.. Nice Status.. Any favorites?